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 Below are some mural paintings we have done. If you would like us to paint a design of any kind on a wall please visit the contact page. Mural Painting is usually a local thing but we are willing to travel. Mural paintings charge very from design to design but it works like this.  $20.00/Hr rate plus materials, and if the distance is greater than 50 miles there is a 50 cents per mile charge for total mileage. We can either paint directly on the wall/surface or we can also paint on large canvases, and then hang them. Invoices need to be paid in full by the scheduled start day. There is a cancelation fee of $50.00 + materials if it is canceled after we have showed up to start the job. So whether you have a kids room, man cave, or just a blank boring wall that you're tired of looking at, we would love to add some life to that space. Contact us today!
Thank you, enjoy the two murals below!

Family Tree Mural

Tim Burton Mural