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Custom Apparel

10 Things to consider when getting custom T-Shirts...

1. How many total custom t-shirts would you like to order?

A common minimum order for screen printing is between 12 and 24 pieces. We utilize a sliding scale system for pricing custom shirts. Usually, the more t-shirts you buy, the cheaper the price per shirt will be.

2. What design would you like on your custom t-shirt?

It's not a requirement to have finished art. However, it can be very useful to have a good vision of what you're looking for such as text, ink colors, shapes and concepts. We can design something for you if you aren’t sure. We can also use your logo and can even vectorize your logo for you. Some art fees may apply depending on order.

3. How many colors are in your design?

The number of ink colors you want on your custom t-shirts directly affects the price per finished product. This is due to the pre-press work entailed to produce the final product. Each color will require its own screen to be made. There are some exceptions but those are limited.

4. How many print locations would you like on your garment?

A few of the most popular screen print locations are front left chest, center front and center back. However, there are many additional possible print locations such as a sleeve print. Each additional location usually carries added charge due to additional screens having to be prepared (very similar to additional colors).

5. What color garments would you would like?

The color of the shirt often determines the color of inks. For example, light colored inks like yellow will not show up as well on light colored custom shirts. It is ideal to have sufficient contrast between the color of the garment and the chosen ink color(s). This can also affect the price sometimes, for instance, if you have a black t-shirt sometimes we will have a white “under-base” in order to get other colors to show up.

6. What style shirt would you like?

There are all kinds of brands and styles that we can offer. There are seemingly endless options when it comes to picking the right cut, fabric, and weight of t-shirt. If you have a good idea of the style and fabric you'd like your custom shirt to be printed on, we can usually point you in the right direction of what kind of options would work best for that particular type.

7. When you would like your order to be ready?

We typically have a turnaround time between one and two weeks depending on size. Sometimes less sometimes longer depending on current production schedule. However, if your deadline is sooner than our usual standard turnaround time, a rush order (with extra charge) can usually be arranged. All within reason.

8. Who are the shirts for?

Understanding the preferences of the people that will be wearing your custom t-shirts can be very important. Things to think about are t-shirt colors, design, and style of garment. Along with the activities that will be performed while wearing the garment. For example, if a garment is going to be worn out in the sun in a warm climate, you may desire a lighter colored, moisture wicking type of garment.

9. What is your budget?

When determining a budget for screen printed custom t-shirts, the quantity, color, number of ink colors and style of shirt all play an important role in price. So it is important to keep those factors and your budget in mind when putting a design concept together.
The easiest way to decide what is in your budget is contact us via email at and ask for a quote and pricing breaks based on those different factors. We are more than willing to explain the pricing break down and will guide you on how to get the most bang for your buck.

10. Think of any questions you'd like answered.
Never be afraid to ask questions to get a full understanding of the entire process so you know exactly what to expect.

Custom t-shirts can be a great way to promote your business, events or organization, we hope this helped you have a better understanding of what to think about and to expect when buying custom t-shirts. Contact us today for any additional questions!